These rules have been put into place to ensure that our patrons have a safe and enjoyable visit. Thank you for supporting a great American tradition! We hope you come back again soon and remember to tell your family and friends about the Elm Road Triple Drive-In!

Our movie sound is broadcast in FM stereo through your car radio. Please bring a boombox if you plan to sit outside your vehicle, or if your car radio is inoperable. We have a limited number of portable radios on site for rent, if needed.


  • All full size trucks, vans & SUV’s must park in rows marked with designated signs.

  • Mini vans, small trucks & small SUV’s under 60" tall must park in rows marked with a YELLOW CONE.

  • All raised liftgates must be tied down to roof level (see parking attendant on golf cart for rope).

  • GOLDEN RULE: One parking space per vehicle. Park approximately 1 foot away from the speaker pole. Park your vehicle so that pole is in front of your outside mirror. Two vehicles fit between each set of poles. We reserve the right to re-position you, if you do not park correctly. Memorial through Labor Day, single occupant vehicles may not be permitted to occupy a space on busy nights. If you are meeting others here at the drive-in, please meet elsewhere & use one vehicle to enter. We cannot turn away patrons because we ran out of space, due to others using this drive-in as a parking lot.

  • Turn off engine promptly after parking. No engine idling during the movie.

  • Chairs & blankets must be placed in front of your vehicle, not beside it.

  • Absolutely no sitting on the roof of vehicles.

  • Caution - drive slowly! Speed limit 5 mph. Beware of children & pedestrians. Park your vehicle promptly upon entering the theatre & DO NOT MOVE YOUR CAR AGAIN until exiting.

  • Please be courteous. Parking lights should be used when entering & exiting the

  • Walk to the concession stand, do not drive (unless handicapped). Remain parked until exiting.

  • NO SWITCHING SCREENS. Patrons must view only the movies shown on the screen where their tickets specify. Do not move your vehicle at intermission to get closer to another screen. Any guest who switches screens or attempts to view a movie without possession of the proper tickets will forfeit their right to remain on the premises, & will be considered a trespasser. No exceptions.

***** GENERAL RULES *****

  • No rainchecks, re-entries, or refunds. The show goes on rain or shine. If you leave the theatre, you will be charged full price to re-enter.

  • Bringing outside food or beverages onto the property requires the purchase of a food permit upon admission. Permit is $10.00 per vehicle. Food permit may not be shared between vehicles. Display permit on your dash. Vehicles found inside the theatre with food/beverage will be charged $15 for Food Permit, or be ejected from the theatre without refund.

  • Trash cans are conveniently located. Please use them and do not litter.

  • The playground closes when the show begins.

  • Children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • No vehicle lighting is allowed during the movie. You are responsible for ensuring that your headlights & all interior lights remain off. Therefore, know how to control your vehicle lighting before you arrive, or refer to your Owner's Manual, if need be.

  • Retain your tickets. Do not discard the stubs.

  • Be considerate of those around you. No loud talking or profane language. Keep your radio's volume at a reasonable level. Rude or obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Alcoholic beverages & glass containers are prohibited at the theatre.

  • The use of ANY cameras or other recording devices, including cell phones, is strictly prohibted ANYWHERE inside the drive-in premises, INCLUDING the concession stand.

  • No laser pointers allowed. No fireworks or sparklers.

  • No cooking, grilling, or food preparation is allowed on the premises.

  • No shirt, no shoes, no service.

  • Parking lot attendants on the golf carts are here for your convenience & safety. Please be courteous & follow their instructions.

  • Patrons assume all responsibility for the actions of their pets. Pets must be restrained on a short leash at all times for the safety of others. Please clean-up after your pet!

NOTE: Failure to comply with any of these drive-in theatre rules of conduct, may result in expulsion from the theatre without refund.

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