Q1. Do you still show the movies if it rains?

A. YES! Our movies go on rain or shine! We can still show movies in light or heavy rainfall. Remember, rain can start at anytime during the evening, sometimes even after the movies have been on for an hour or more. Similar to a sporting event or amusement park, the only time that we may need to close is in severe weather conditions, or if there is a power outage.

Q2. What are your theatre parking rules & general rules?

A. Please click on our Rules Page to see a complete listing of the rules of this drive-in.

Q3. What time do the movies start?

A. The movies start at dusk, or as soon as it gets dark. The time of “dusk” changes throughout our season, so it is best to check the “exact” movie start times on our website on the Showtimes Page. You can also sign up for our Email service or Texting service (in the side columns of our website), to receive our new movie schedule automatically each week. You can also call our Movieline at 330-372-9732.

Q4. What methods of payment do we accept?

A. We accept Cash Only at the Ticket Booth, BUT Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, & Discover) are accepted in the Concession for food purchases.

Q5. What time do the gates open, & what days are we open?

A. Our Hours of Operation are listed in the Top Header on each page of our website, so please check there, but our Gates typically open 1 to 2 hours prior to the start of the movies, depending on whether it is our full-time season, or our part-time “shoulder” season. Our “shoulder” season is during the spring & fall and the gates will open approximately 1 hour prior to the start of the shows. Our “full-time” season is during the summer & the gates open approximately 2 hours prior to the start of the shows. Check website for exact times that we open our gates.

Q6. How do you hear the movies at the drive-in?

A. Our movie sound is broadcast in FM stereo & you hear it through your car radio. You must put your car in “accessory” mode, also known as “tailgate” mode, during the movie. If you are unable to use your car stereo, or if you plan to sit outside your vehicle, please bring a portable FM radio or boombox along. For your convenience, we do have portable FM radios that you can rent on site. You can rent one at the Express Window located on the Screen 1 side of our Concession Facility. The Rental Fee is $4.00, plus your Driver's License & a $10 cash Security Deposit is required. The $10 Security Deposit is refundable, as long as the radio is returned without damage.

Q7. What should I bring along on my visit to the drive-in?

A. Some things you might want to bring along on your visit to the drive-in include a blanket or jacket, folding chairs, mosquito spray, flashlight, & perhaps a portable FM radio or boombox (with batteries), if you plan to sit outside your vehicle. For your convenience, we do have portable FM radios for rent on site inside our concession stand. Also, remember we accept cash only at the ticket booth, but credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, & Discover) are accepted in the concession stand for food purchases.

Q8. Can I come to see just the 2nd movie, & arrive later?

A. Yes, you can come for one movie or stay for both, & it’s still a bargain either way! Our gates remain open until just after the start of the 2nd movie. If you choose to see only the 2nd movie on any screen, you can arrive whenever you choose, as long as it is before our gates close. Usually the gates remain open for about 15 min past the start of the 2nd movie. The ticket prices are the same regardless of whether you stay for both movies, or only wish to see one.

Q9. Can I bring my own snacks & drinks to the drive-in? What is a Food Permit?

A. We prefer that you don’t bring food…bring your appetite! Arrive early & have dinner, appetizers or desserts with us, too! Remember, most sports arenas, concerts, & indoor theatre venues strictly prohibit all outside food & beverages, so this is nothing new. We atleast still allow you the choice, BUT bringing any outside food or beverages onto the property requires the purchase of a Food Permit upon entry. Concession sales are vital to the survival of all drive-ins! Remember, we are a seasonal business that is limited even further by only evening showtimes, & the weather! We strive to bring you quality movie entertainment & a delicious menu at reasonable prices, & we hope to keep the American Drive-In movie theatre tradition alive! We appreciate your support in our concession.

Q10. Can I switch screens?

A. No, you cannot switch screens. Your ticket purchase entitles you to view the two movies that are paired on one screen only. We have 3 screens with a separate movie pair offered on each screen. Therefore, you must designate your screen choice at the gate, & that ticket purchase is for the movie pair offered on that particular screen. This policy is dictated by our licensing agreements with the film companies, & it is the same policy as all indoor theatres with multiple screens & single features. Your ticket purchase provides you with a license to view one double-feature presentation on one screen only. Therefore, do not change screens or attempt to view a different movie from your original screen. If you wish to view a different 2nd feature, simply exit the theatre & purchase an additional ticket at the entrance gate. Failure to comply with this policy will result in expulsion from the drive-in without refund.

Q11. When do we open & close for the season?

A. We are open from April – October (exact dates depend on weather & school session). Please check our website at elmroadtripledrivein.com on the Showtimes Page, or our Facebook Page, for our exact schedule. We also offer a Movie Texting service & Movie Email service if you would like to get our movie schedule automatically sent to you each week that we are open. You can sign up for these services on our website on any page in the side columns. In general, these are our months of operation:

  • April & May – we are open on weekends only.
  • Most of June, July, & half of August – we are generally open 5 nights INCLUDING the weekend.
  • Sept & Oct – we are open on weekends only.
  • Always check our website for exact days of operation!

Q12. Why can’t I park wherever I want to?

A. Please consider that when drive-ins were built in the 1950’s, there were only CARS, not large vans & SUV’s. Therefore, to ensure that all patrons can view the screen & enjoy the movie, we must have designated parking for all trucks, vans, & SUV’s. Parking attendants have the final word on where you must park with these types of vehicles. If you wish to avoid having to park in a designated area, then it is best to come to the drive-in in a car. Each vehicle is entitled to one space, & you must park approx. 1 foot away from the pole, to allow another vehicle to park beside you. Two vehicles must fit between each set of poles. We reserve the right to re-position you, if you do not park correctly. All raised liftgates must be tied down to roof level (our parking attendants on the golf cart can provide tie-down rope). If you are sitting outside your vehicle, chairs & blankets must be placed in front of your vehicle, not beside it. See full Parking Rules details on our Rules Page.

Q13. What do I do if my car battery goes dead & I need a jump?

A. If you should require a jump, please inform the cashier inside the concession, or go to the Express Window & let our staff know where you are parked & the type & color of your vehicle. A lot attendant will be sent out to offer assistance or a jump, as a customer courtesy. However, we ask that you be patient & we will assist you as soon as possible.

Q14. Can I bring my dog to the drive-in?

A. You can bring your dog with you to the drive-in, but patrons assume all responsibility for the actions of their pets. Dogs must be restrained on a short leash at all times for the safety of others, & they are NOT permitted inside our Concession Building. Your dog must also remain quiet while in the drive-in, or you will be asked to leave without refund. You must also clean up after your pet, so be sure to bring along anything that might be necessary to do so.

Q15. Do I have to stay for both movies?

A. You do not have to stay for both movies. You can come for one movie, or stay for both and it’s still a bargain either way. You can exit the theatre when the 1st movie ends, if you want to stay only for the 1st feature.

Q16. How long does the Concession stay open each night?

A. Our Concession building opens as soon as the gates are open each night for the preshow period & remains open through intermission (this is the 10-15 minute break between the 1st & 2nd movie on each screen). Since we have 3 screens, there are actually 3 intermissions that each occur at the end of the first feature on each screen. The intermissions last for about 10 to 15 minutes. Therefore, we recommend arriving early, when the gates open, to have dinner, appetizers or deserts with us before the shows start, but we do remain open through all 3 intermissions as well. We close after the last intermission, but our restrooms do remain open until the last movie has ended for the night. We have a very large menu (visit our Dinner Menu page) & you can enjoy eating on our beautiful outdoor patios, too.

Q17. How do you determine your movie "pairs"?

A. When it comes to movie pairs, please realize that the movie companies have the final say in what is allowed to be paired together on any given week. Furthermore, what they allow to be paired together can (and frequently does) change from one week to the next. After nearly 70 years in business, we are generally well aware of which movies would make a great pair, & you can bet that if a pair seems a bit mismatched, it is most likely due to movie company policies. Some movie companies will not permit their movies to be played with another movie company’s movie. We simply cannot just pair together whatever movies we would like, as these movies are the property of the film companies that produce them, not ours to do with as we please. This is also the reason why you may sometimes see a PG movie paired with a PG13, or a G movie paired with PG, etc. With our 3 giant screens, we are able to bring you a greater variety of the best possible selections each week. We hope you enjoy them, & the great value you get here at the Elm Road Triple!

Q18. What should I know if I plan to come to the drive-in alone, & meet others there?

A. If you plan to meet others here at the drive-in on a Fri or Sat (Memorial Day through Labor Day), please meet up elsewhere & then use one vehicle to enter the drive-in. Please note that Memorial Day through Labor Day, single occupant vehicles may not be permitted to occupy a space on busy nights. We cannot turn away patrons because we ran out of space, simply due to others using this drive-in as a parking lot. This is particularly an issue on Fri & Sat nights when we are very busy (It is usually not a problem on Sun through Thurs).




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